From Jim Cunningham at CyclArt:
 "CyclArt did the start-up image package for them: company name, marketing hooks, logo design and original finish design.  They were a small outfit run by a fellow (Doug Gloyd)  who ran a cabinet making shop in Monrovia, CA.  I though we got them off to a good start, we even had their racers wearing the tricolor war paint at races.  We painted their production bikes for a while. They hired a new sale manager/team director who wanted to use neon colors then in fashion.  I thought it was counter to the image I tried to create for the company.  He took his path and drifted away. Soon after they were gone."

Looks to be a pretty early catalog based on the components.


Models include the Racer, Pony and Spirit as well as the elevated chain stay Warrior.
February 1991 bike review from Mountain Biker magazine:


Models listed as Racer and Spirit. (the Warrior wasn't listed but is listed for 1991 and 1993 so I would assume it was still available).

1992 advertisement:


Models listed as Racer, Spirit, Warrior and Cloud (with rear suspension). From Tom Teesdale @ TET Cycles "We made them in 93 mostly. Brave was a fairly short lived adventure. Couple hundred of them at most."