Land Shark Dirt Shark 1987 #386

"Mountain bike or artist's canvas? Both. Land Shark founder John Slawta designed, brazed, and painted this 1987 Dirt Shark.

Slawta's custom handbuilt bikes and one-off pop art paintjobs have earned a devoted following. 

The Mountainbikes are all fillet brazed, most of them are build up with the Land Shark Handlebar/Stemunit, like this Dirt Shark from 1987. 

Built from Tange Prestige steel and built up with complete Shimano Deore XT M730 6speed group with a black Shimano XT crank.


Wide Mavic Rando M4 rims with American Classic hubs on Specialized tires back from the days fit perfect to the Dirt Shark

After 30 years first time the Shark is in the snow