Colnago Master Prototyp 1988

Very special style of build up (all Original) but it's what it is, 

Colnago's most important Mountainbike, the Prototype of the Colnago Master MTB!

Ernesto Colnago presented this bike for the first time at the IFMA in Cologne in 1988.

Ernesto did not want to build an MTB, but he had no choice, the mountain bikes became more and more popular and no big manufacturer could allow themselves to have no mountain bikes in the program in 1988/89.

The following year, more Colnago mountain bikes were built than racing bikes, but Colnago Mountainbikes were not able to get through, which was perhaps due to the fact that most of them were built in Taiwan instead of in Italy!

The prototype was introduced in September 1989 in the German TOUR BIKE magazine (Europe's biggest bike magazine), I have inserted the article, unfortunately it is in German ;-)