Cilo by Ferraroli "Albert Zweifel" 1989/90

What does a 5 times cross world champion do when he stops his sport? He rides 2 more years MTB competitions.

The Swiss Albert Zweifel was one of the best cross riders ( 5 time cross world champion, 9 times swiss cross champion, etc...) of all times, 
in 1989 he finished his active career to ride two more years in the MTB Grundig Wolrld Cup.

In 1990 he drove the MTB World Championship in Durango in the Cross Country Senior (over 35 years) class where he won the Vice World Champion title.

His bike, a Team painted Cilo that was built for him by Alain Ferraroli from Ferraroli Cycling in Swiss/ La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In 1991 he also finished his mountain bike "career", as he told:

"... In 1991 I stopped mountain biking, then the level rose so fast that I would have to train as much as during my professional career.

This bike that you have from me, I drove the 1990 MTB World Championships in Durrango / USA ... "

by Albert Zweifel

Some parts are still original on the bike, others have been changed over the years, the original wheelset I still have.

Lugged Frame, Accu Traxx fork (he only rode it in the 1990 season)

Integrated anti chain suck device

Something you see often on Mountainbikes which are build from road racing frame builders in the 1980`s...