Welcome to Cult MTB

The Vintage Bike Collection - Klein Auheim/Germany

Featured on this site is a private collection of vintage mountain bikes, and more, 

that are presented for the appreciation of their functional form and aesthetic beauty. 


Visit the various galleries of bikes and related projects 

dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of these working objects.

The emphasis is on handmade and innovative bikes, 

from artisan bikes in steel, aluminium and carbon. 

Fancy paint jobs in conjunction with fillet brazed steel frames are my passion.


In addition to the Mountainbikes there are a few special road bikes in the collection.


In addition to the classic US bikes there are also some rare European bikes in the collection.

At the History site there are informations 

about the US/Japan/European Brands of the Cult MTB Collection Bikes 

If you want leave us a message in the guestbook

Not easy to get them all together when you are located in germany

 but the classic vintage MTB family is good connected! 

Thanks to all the people who helped me 

bringing the Cult MTB bikes together!