Breezer Lightning Flash 1991 #JB0045

1991 was the first year Breezer went (back) to steel frames since the original Series Bikes. The Lightning was the Top of the Line bike with the Lightning Flash being a limited Edition fillet brazed version made by Shitamori in Japan. Based on the info out there, approx 100 of these were made.

One year and only in bright blue w/moonglow pearl the most classic Breezer color.

In addition to the Breezer Series 1-3 that Joe himself has built (all fillet brazed ), these nearly 100 Lightning Flash, the only fillet brazed Breezer frames that were build. In addition, there are, in addition to the Series 1-3, and those produced at American American Breezer, the only Breezer, which have not been built in Taiwan (all other Breezer have been built exclusively in Taiwan).  

This one is #JB0045 and it is build with a mix of Shimano Deore XT & Ritchey Parts. Ritchey Logic tubes, full fillet brazed also the stem!